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Ringo Starr

World’s Great Drummers Salute Ringo Starr

Produced by the Rock and Roll hall of Fame & Museum in Cleveland, Ohio, to promote the addition of the Ludwig Kit to their museum, this is the best 3 minute homage to a musician I’ve seen.

WHY? It’s all in the execution.

Although Ringo doesn’t appear in this video, his legendary status is channelled through his famous Ludwig kit and style of drumming. High profile drummers who are also massive fans, get to sit and play their idols’ drum kit and tell us why they love the drumming talent of Ringo. Filmed in a studio in high contrast black and white, and tightly edited with succinct and quotable statements by famous drummers inspired and in awe of his style.

Dave Grohl refers to Ringo as “The King of feel”.

Chad Reed says “He is the magic touch”

Abe Laboriel Jr confesses “I wouldn’t be a drummer without Ringo, that is the dna of pretty much everything I do”

Easily a video story to be viewed over and over…

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