Rethinking Innovation in Manufacturing

Pictured are members of Molycop-UNSW project team members (L-R) Ian Tooze, Veena Sahajwallam, Penny Crawford and Michael Sharpe at UNSW Sustainable Materials Research and Technology (SMaRT) Centre, Sydney. (photo: Matthias Engesser/Narrative Post)


Australian steel manufacturer Molycop, the UNSW SMaRT Centre, footwear manufacturer Crawford Boots and the Advanced Manufacturing Growth Centre (AMGC) have collaborated and commercialised a new project. Rethinking innovation in manufacturing for a ‘greener’ process in steelmaking with recycled materials. Narrative Post photographed the launch for the media release.




Molycorp's Electric Arc Furnace (EAF) in Newcastle.
Molycorp’s Electric Arc Furnace (EAF) in Newcastle. (photo: Matthias Engesser/Narrative Post)


Molycop’s steel manufacturing process now incorporates rubber from sources including tyres and work boots in its electric arc furnace. It saves on their electricity consumption and removes “up to 90,000 tyres from landfill” according to the press release. They are calling it Green Steel technology or Polymer injection technology. “The process involves maximising the recovery and utilisation of waste rubber from end-of-life vehicle tyres, conveyor belts and rubber safety boots as a substitute for imported carbonaceous material used in the company’s Electric Arc Furnace (EAF) in Newcastle.”



Getting the Story Out

Narrative Post works closely alongside AMGC’s public relations division assisting in press photography, product photography, event photography, portrait photography and video production services for the publicity of the projects they invest in. With a background in news and publicity, our experience means we work and think fast to capture what is required. The media launch of this project was held at Molycorp’s EAF in Newcastle and our photographer, Matthias Engesser was there to photograph the launch event.


A media release gains more traction when it’s accompanied by professional press photography, video interviews and video broll, giving media outlets thorough coverage and fast access to usable content to run the story.




Published Results


Images taken on the day were included in the official press release package and have been published across numerous news sites.

Read the full media release here

Some published examples:




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