Founded by partners Dianne & Matthias Engesser, Narrative Post brings a culmination of skills and experience from over 30 years in the industry, individually. With a team of leading creatives and marketing professionals in their field, we understand creative, production, budgets, deadlines, audiences, publishing mediums, strategy and business goals. We work as an addition to your marketing, and communications team, consider us your creative arm with a marketing, and communications mind. We thrive on collaboration, brainstorming and bringing ideas to life.

Dianne Engesser

Founder, Managing Director, Video Producer, Photographer

As a business manager, content and marketing professional, with over 30 years of experience within the media and communications industry, Dianne has a  wealth of knowledge on all facets of the creative process, and knows how to utilise the power of visual storytelling to enhance the brand & message of a business.


Matthias Engesser

Founder, Creative Director, Photographer, Cinematographer

With over 30 years of experience in the Media, PR and Communications industry, Matthias brings adaptable skills and creative expertise in visual communication and storytelling in a forever-changing media landscape.


Maryann Separovic

Social Strategy Development

With 16 years experiences in Public Relations, Communications and Social Media, Maryann has leading knowledge and understanding of the benefits of Social Media and Digital for brands. Expertise in content development, digital strategy and online communities, she has worked on leading Australian and global brands including: L’Oreal Paris, Wolf Glass Wines, Cadbury, Chadstone: The Fashion Capital, Libra and Leggo’s.


Ben Barren

Paid Advertising Specialist

Growing companies online audience for over 19 years, Ben is a paid digital and analytics expert. Current brands include: Crown Equipment Australia, caradvice.com, Meriton Group, ARRA Accomodation group. Previous brands: Whitepages (Sensis), Birdcage, Woolworths- Jamie Oliver (Dinnerware,Gourmet Mums), Toyota, Weightwatchers, Lorna Jane, Weetbix, Sanitarium, Jetstar, Zoosh, Lindemans, Yellowglen

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